David Horn was Director of the Institute of Popular Music from its establishment in 1988 until 2002.   He is co-editor, with John Shepherd of Carleton University, Ottawa of the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (published until 2012 by Continuum), known for short as EPMOW. Since 2002 eight volumes have been published, the most recent (2012) being Genres: North America. He is currently completing Volume IX: Genres: Caribbean and Latin America.

David was a founding editor, with Richard Middleton, of the journal Popular Music (Cambridge University Press, 1981+) and a founding member of IASPM (The International Association for the Study of Popular Music). He is also an advisor to the journal Popular Music History (Equinox). Before EPMOW became an all-absorbing task, David’s co-edited The Cambridge Companion to Jazz with Mervyn Cooke, and edited a special issue of Popular Music in honour of the blues scholar Paul Oliver.

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Dave Laing has been active in the field of Popular Music Studies for over 40 years. He published his first book The Sound Of Our Time in 1969 and was co-editor of on of the first scholarly reference books, the Encyclopedia of Rock, in the mid 1970s. His other monographs include two studies of the work of Buddy Holly (1971 and 2010) and a pioneering account of punk, One Chord Wonders (1985). As an editor, he has contributed to the magazines Let It Rock, Music Week and Music & Copyright, the academic journals Popular Music and Popular Music History and the reference works The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music (1990) and the Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (EPMOW) (2005). He has contributed to several edited collections including Global Pop, Local Language (2003), The Popular Music Studies Reader (2006) and the Cambridge Companion to The Beatles (2009).Dave’s research portfolio includes reports commissioned by the Musicians Union, Welsh Music Foundation, National Music Council, Jazz Services and other agencies.

Dr Jan Fairley was Honorary IPM Fellow from the early 1990s until her death in June 2012. During this time she contributed a great deal to the development and activity of the IPM and she has since been much missed. Please click here for an obituary written by former visiting IPM fellow Helmi Jarviluoma, and here for a map Jan produced shortly before her death for an IPM project on music and memory.

Her significant contribution to the field is celebrated in this publication.