Our research on history, heritage and place covers places that vary in scale, from music museums and live music venues to local, national and transnational musical styles and influences. We are interested in how music and place are related to identity and practices of remembering and forgetting, and attached to notions of history and heritage. Our research also explores music and place in relation to travel and mobility.

  • Museums and archives
  • Migration and diaspora
  • Travel and tourism
  • Urban landscape and urban change
  • Spaces and places of live music
  • Local sounds and styles
  • Nostalgia



Mike Jones is researching the cultural legacy of the Beatles as part of a new study from the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University. The study is investigating what the legacy of the Beatles is worth to Liverpool's economic and cultural environment, and Mike is conducting his research in collaboration with the Institute of Cultural Capital and the European Institute of Urban Affairs.

The team are investigating what the value of the Beatles is, in monetary terms, to the city, and if there are any gaps in the tourism offer, as well as what the potential value of the band could be if these gaps were filled. The resulting report will also look at the other benefits of being linked to the Beatles ‘brand’, and what impact this has on the global reputation of the city.