Our research has explored music as an industrial process, from conception to consumption, and various factors influencing that process, whether cultural, technological and economic influences, or legal and policy issues. Themes include: 

  • Digitization
  • DIY cultures
  • Live music promotion and regulation
  • Record production and recording studios
  • Technology, sound and creativity
  • Music policy and the music industries

current research includes:


Funded by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, Haekyung Um directed a collaborative research project with Sang-Yeon Sung of the University of Vienna and Michael Fuhr at the Hanover University. The project looked at  K-pop fandom in Europe in 2013 in the UK , Austria  and Germany.

By employing an ethnographic approach, the project examined the K-pop phenomena and its reception in the UK, Austria and Germany to understand what brings their musical practice together and what separates them. The outcome of the project will be published as a monograph by Routledge in their ‘Media, Culture and Social Change in Asia’ series. This book will offer a critical examination of the ways in which a genre of Asian popular music takes root in Europe as a new form of cosmopolitan youth culture that signifies a multitude of issues and motivations including identity politics, aesthetic desires and entrepreneurial incentives.