Notes from the field: Chen-Yu Lin

Second year PGR Chen-Yu Lin is currently in Hong Kong as part of a 3 month ethnographic data-gathering trip. Chen-Yu's research is focused on the hearing/perceiving Chineseness in Mandarin pop music. She has already spent some time in Taiwan and will be finishing up the final part of the tour in China. She reports:

"Everything's well in Hong Kong. I've been here for a week already. Every day is a new challenge but I truly enjoy being in the field. It is so exciting and thought-stimulating! Being in Hong Kong is very different from in Taiwan. On the one hand,  it is so much more challenging to recruit students as audience although the support I've had in the University has been excellent. On the other, meeting musicians and producers is so much easier! I was introduced to one famous songwriter who used to work with Faye Wong, who gradually moved his career to the mainland, and also I may have a chance to talk to the director of the Voice China- someone introduced me his wife who I will be seeing tomorrow. 

So far I am confident that I will be able to collect some quality data from a musicians' perspective..."