Beatles Heritage Report

Monday Feb 8th marked the release of the report into the economic and cultural impact of Beatles heritage in Liverpool. The report was commissioned by Liverpool City Council and authored by the Institute of Popular Music (University of Liverpool), the Institute of Cultural Capital (Universities of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores) and the European Institute of Urban Affairs (Liverpool John Moores University).

The report took eight months to prepare and is based on extensive original research. There is a particular timeliness to its release because in December 2015 Liverpool was awarded the status of UNESCO City of Music. The report shows that Beatles tourism continues to make a strong contribution to Liverpool's economy and visitor numbers have continued to increase since the city celebrated its status as European Capital of Culture 2008. The report makes a series of recommendations to ensure that Beatles tourism in Liverpool develops strength and depth to its already evident quality. The rationale for these recommendations will be discussed in these pages over the weeks to come, so please stay tuned!