Focus on: Leonieke Bolderman

'I have been in Liverpool now for little over a week, and the welcome I received here has been truly wonderful. In The Netherlands, you’re encouraged as a young researcher to spend a few weeks to a few months at a foreign university to expand your intellectual horizons and get feedback on your work by experts in the field. The publications of IPM researchers have been very helpful in my research on music tourism, and that is why I really wanted to spend some time here and discuss the main issues and questions related to music tourism.

So far, I have been writing a lot, and have already attended some interesting lectures and meetings organised by the department. I also enjoy meeting the other research students to discuss our research and compare experiences. Since Liverpool used to be the home of The Beatles, an added bonus of me being here is that I can work on my research while being surrounded by actual music tourists. From The Beatles Story to the Magical Mystery Bus Tour, the nice thing about my research topic is that I never have to feel guilty about spending my weekends doing these touristy things, even if it’s not directly part of my fieldwork'

Leonieke is a PhD candidate and lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is visiting the IPM to develop her research on music tourism