When Rock ‘n’ Roll came to Liverpool 60 Years Ago

Research-in-Progress Seminar

Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool) 

Wednesday 28 September 5pm, School of Arts Library, 19 Abercromby Square


The ‘Works-in-Progress’ Seminar of the Department of Communication and Media, together with the Institute of Popular Music, invite you to this talk, which discusses how the film Rock around the Clock (Sears) was received in Liverpool, a city with a rich popular music history.  

With the opportunity afforded by the 60th anniversary (on 11 September 2016) of the film’s release in the UK (11 September 1956), and after discussing some interesting facts about the film’s production and success in the US, the talk will investigate the extent to which the film incited youth riots as many existing studies of the film suggest. Through examining the local press of the time (especially articles in the Liverpool Echo and The Bootle Times), the talk will show how Liverpool, despite its rich relationship to popular music, decided to ban the film after a few screenings. However, contrary to the belief that the film incited riots in the city, evidence will show that this was not the case. Rather than because of a rampant problem with the city’s youth, the decision to ban the film was taken because of other factors that the talk will explore.